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March 27th, 2017
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Hello from Muck Rack, where you can get a snapshot of what journalists around the world are reading, thinking and commenting on right now.

Today on the blog, a very special post: 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl on journalism’s new rules of engagement. It was written by Hollywood journalist Jeanne Wolf and includes this choice tidbit: “She says her track record of 25 years...didn’t prepare even her for today’s media deep disruption.” Give their interview a read right here.

And be sure to check out all of the benefits Muck Rack offers right over here. Besides this terrific newsletter, Muck Rack has public relations and communications software for the digital, traditional, and social media world. Or as Muck Rack customer Beck Media’s Bianca Doria put it: “Can I just say out loud that @muckrack is magical?” To which her coworker Stephanie Booker replied, "Can't wait to get my @muckrack tattoo." 

'A pattern, for sure. A conflict too?'

In The Intercept,  Glenn Greenwald writes that Trump’s War on Terror Has Quickly Become as Barbaric and Savage as He Promised. Greenwald also tweeted, “Some pundits confused Trump's touted ‘non-interventionism’ with ‘pacifism.’ This was based in confusion & ignorance.” Margaret Sullivan added, “Civilians being killed by U.S. in Iraq & Syria – already high under Obama – has soared under Trump.”

Over at Politico, Tara Palmeri has this headline: Need to reach Trump? Call Rhona. Annie Karni tweeted: “Trump's longtime gatekeeper, Rhona Graff, is still quietly playing that role.”

According to Eric Lipton and Noah Weiland at the New York Times: Trump Puts a Presidential-Size Spotlight on His Brand. Lipton added on Twitter, “Eight straight weekends now by POTUS at a Trump-branded property. A pattern, for sure. A conflict too?”

For the receipts on this one, turn to Yashar’s Twitter, where he posted a video of Trump saying the following last year: “If I'm POTUS I don't think I'd see any of my golf courses again, I just want to stay in WH and ‘work in my ass off.’” Of that, Alec Baldwin tweeted, “This lying motherf***er has got to go.”

In the New York Times, Maureen Dowd writes: Donald, This I Will Tell You. Jenni Russell writes, “Brilliant from @maureendowd. Warns Trump he's a 'delusional dupe..getting info from wackadoodles on Fox News.’” Miriam Rozen tweeted, “@MaureenDowd nailed it this time!” David Lynch reacted simply with just: “Ouch.”

Looking into exactly what happened on Friday, Rachael Bade, Josh Dawsey, and Jennifer Haberkorn at Politico explain How a secret Freedom Caucus pact brought down Obamacare repeal. Maggie Haberman called the piece, “Terrific tick-tock from POLITICO on House Freedom Caucus pact not to bend in support of the healthcare bill.”

Also at Politico, we learn that the White House blame game intensifies as Trump agenda stalls, courtesy of Alex Isenstadt.

And amid this whole kerfuffle, Trump's Approval Rating Dropped to a New Low of 36%, according to Frank Newport and Lydia Saad at Gallup.

At BuzzFeed, Katherine Miller writes of Donald Trump And America’s Online Breakdown. Miller tweeted it might also be called, “AAAHHHHHHHHH: A Short Essay.” Kate Nocera suggested, “Read this by @katherinemiller and then shut your phone off for the day.”

Today we learned from Philip Rucker at the Washington Post that Trump taps [son-in-law Jared] Kushner to lead a SWAT team to fix government with business ideas.

Then Jo Becker, Matthew Rosenberg, and Maggie Haberman also posted in the New York Times that A Senate Committee Plans to Question Jared Kushner Over Meetings With Russians.

'This is actually super interesting'

Onto a totally different world leader, Juliet Eilperin writes that Two months out of office, Barack Obama is having a post-presidency like no other. Steph Gardiner said of the story: “This is actually super interesting.” While Ed O'Keefe explained, “Obama decamping to a South Pacific island to write his memoir.”

And Thomas Groome at the New York Times suggests that To Win Again, The Democrats Must Stop Being the Abortion Party. But Sara Stewart had another suggestion: “How 'bout we start by men not editorializing at women about what they can do with their own bodies.” And Jill Filipovic wasn’t having it either, “Oh good, a whole column about abortion that doesn't even consider why a woman might have one.”

Alec Luhn tweeted, “I took a photo of police detaining a guy at @navalny protest so they detained me as well even though I repeatedly said I was a journalist.”

Of an entirely different protest, Max Seddon tweeted, “Eager to see what the Trump administration's State Department says about an American journalist being arrested in Russia.”

The Guardian reports that Opposition leader Alexei Navalny arrested amid protests across Russia.

The New York Times also shared the news, via Andrew Higgins: Key Putin Opponent Arrested in Moscow During Anti-Corruption Protests. Laura Rozen shared this quote from the piece: "Russia is divided into 2 totally different worlds..those who believe in fairy tales ...86%...& the rest of us." While the TImes shared the news with “Russian police arrested hundreds during nationwide anti-corruption protests, including the opposition's leader.”

'What it means and how to stop it'

The Verge’s Gigi Sohn reminds: You have one day to stop Congress from giving away your web browsing history. Nilay Patel tweeted: “Congress votes to give away your internet history tomorrow. @GigiBSohnFCC explains what it means and how to stop it.”

You’ll have to wait a little longer to shop at an Amazon convenience store.

The New York Times asked its readers What Racial Terms Make [Them] Cringe. In sharing their piece, the Times also tweeted these quotes: "What makes a black person ethnic but a white person not?” and "Don’t call me non-white, non-Jew, non-black. The word 'non' feels like a wall."

Over the weekend, two girls were barred from a United flight for wearing leggings, according to Luz Lazo at the Washington Post. Doris Truong had a particular take on the situation: “Who does @united think they are? @Harrods?”

Margaret Sullivan writes in the Washington Post that Scott Pelley is pulling no punches on the nightly news - and people are taking notice. Sullivan added on Twitter: “With pointed words & tough assessments, @ScottPelley keeps going where network news anchors often don't go.”

But Charlie Warzel noted for BuzzFeed that this 60 Minutes Interview Shows How Unprepared The Mainstream Media Is For Pro-Trump Media.

Question of the Day

On Friday, we asked: The first woman to run for president was Victoria Woodhull and yesterday, news came out that Brie Larson will be playing Woodhull in an upcoming biopic. What did the suffragette’s father do for a living?

Answer: Woodhull’s father, Reuben "Old Buck" Buckman Claflin, is reported to have ben a con man and snake oil salesman. But we prefer what Alexandra Svokos wrote in her answer on Twitter: “Her father was an asshole for a living.”

This time, congrats to Mark Edwards‏ who was the first to answer correctly.

Your question of the day for today is…What two things went into creating Carmen Sandiego’s name?

As always, click here to tweet your answer to @MuckRack. We’ll announce the winners tomorrow!

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