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February 27th, 2017
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Don’t get lured in by those seductive fake news stories. In How bloggers can avoid getting sucked into the fake news bubble, Edward Beaman—aka The Designer’s Copywriter—shares some critical thinking tips to follow for making sure you don’t inadvertently become part of the fake news problem yourself.


Trick question: What film was awarded the Oscar for best picture in 2017? Jared Rutecki of the Better Government Association has the right answer(s) with this tweet: “ICYMI: La La Land was best picture for about two minutes until it was Moonlight #Oscars.” For more, M. Alex Johnson of NBC News, who also gave us DEWEY DEFEATS MOONLIGHT, has this recap of the Oscars screwup, tweeting, “Here's my best stab at relating what the hell happened at the #Oscars tonight.” The whole debacle had many retweeting what MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin called “Epic LA Times photo. Meryl's face. The Rock's face. Salma's face. Michelle Williams' face. Damon's face.”

But wait a minute. Which screwup are we referring to? As reported by Lawrence Yee in Variety, the photo of Jan Chapman, a still-living Australian film producer, was mistakenly used in the In Memoriam segment in place of Janet Patterson, an Australian costume designer and four-time Oscar nominee who passed away in October 2015. As Christopher Knight of the Los Angeles Times says, “LaLa Land news: I don't see dead people.”

Freelancers or…?

Now that we’ve sorted that out, here’s your “Morning must-read,” according to Peter Schorsch of and INFLUENCE Magazine, who notes: “Spicer arranged CIA, GOP intelligence push-back via @axios.” Of the exclusive reported by Mike Allen in Axios, Lindsay Wise of the Kansas City Star specifies, “Pompeo and Burr reportedly enlisted by Spicer to knock down NYT story on Trump camp's Russia contacts.” It all leads Justin Miller of The Daily Beast to wonder, “Preibus called FBI; Spicer called House, Senate, CIA. Freelancers or taking orders from DJT/Bannon?”

Meet one of @realDonaldTrump's "bad hombres."

That’s sarcasm from David D. Haynes of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, who’s referring to Monica Davey’s piece in The New York Times, He’s a Local Pillar in a Trump Town. Now He Could Be Deported. As Katharine Houreld of Reuters explains, “Illinois town voted for Trump, hoping he would kickstart the coal industry. Now ICE has come for their friend Carlos.” Put another way, “Deport them all, build the wall ... Wait, we didn't think you'd deport HIM. He's our friend. He's a good guy,” tweets Steve Cavendish of the Nashville Scene. Robert Baird of Esquire says, “Best chance to quench the anti-immigrant fever is a combination of high-profile cases (Ali Jr.) and stuff like this.” Adds Lauren Collins of The New Yorker, “When Americans realized they knew gay people, they became more tolerant. May the same happen, now, with immigrants.”

“When I was president, you mattered a lot more."

"I consider the media to be indispensable to democracy. We needed [it] to hold people like me to account.” Mark Murray of NBC News tweets this quote from George W. Bush, who talked with Matt Lauer about issues ranging from Trump’s war with the media, Russia and the travel ban in a segment that aired on the Today Show this morning. As Garrett Haake of WUSA-TV (Washington, D.C.) notes, “Fmr. President Bush says he spent a lot of time trying to convince Putin to have a free press. Lotta good stuff here.” Another choice quote, tweeted by Jeff Labrecque of Entertainment Weekly: “When I was president, you mattered a lot more." —George W. Bush to Matt Lauer on the modern media.”

Is Trump's world view less a policy than an attitude?

Fair question from the BBC’s Katty Kay in light of Susan Glasser’s new piece in POLITICO, Trump’s Alpha Male Foreign Policy. Peter Baker of The New York Times says, “Trump aide says ‘the alpha males are back.’ What do the ‘alpha females’ think about that? @sbg1 asks them.” He tweets that Michele Flournoy said “she turned down chance to be Mattis's deputy because her 'sense of values' differs from Trump's." Says Glasser, “'One of the lessons for the alpha males is to actually start with the facts' -Michele Flournoy, who said no to Trump.”

The current state of play on “repeal and replace”

Patrick J. Egan of the Washington Post refers you to the story by Louise Radnofsky, Kristina Peterson and Stephanie Armour in The Wall Street Journal, GOP’s New Plan to Repeal Obamacare: Dare Fellow Republicans to Block Effort. “This seems less a plan to repeal Obamacare, more a plan by leadership to divert blame onto others when repeal fails,” says The Atlantic’s David Frum. Or as Noah Rothman puts it, “This is kinda how we got Obamacare in the first place.” Says NPR’s Susan Davis, “I just don't see how this strategy flies in the Senate.”

The World’s Most Important Workout

Here’s a good way to start the week. Try to see if you can keep up with Ruth Bader Ginsberg. “The man keeping liberal hopes in the US Supreme Court alive. Literally,” as Rory Challands of Al Jazeera puts it, is Bryant Johnson, RBG’s personal trainer. Or as Ben Shreckinger explains in his POLITICO piece, “When Johnson is not helping run the District courthouse or fulfilling his duties as a Sergeant First Class in the Army Reserves, he moonlights as a physical trainer to local jurists.” How tough is he? Well, as Blake Hounshell of POLITICO tells us, “@SchreckReports did Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s workout. It nearly broke him.”

Also making the rounds on Monday:

Question of the Day

Yesterday we asked: Beyoncé just pulled out of headlining Coachella this year because her doctors said it’s not safe for the twins. Who was the last woman to headline the music festival? Bonus points if you tell us what year.  

Answer: Bjork was last female headliner, topping the bill a decade ago in 2007. She also headlined in 2002.

Congrats to Elana Meredith who was first in with the correct artist and year. Honorable mention to Robin Tierney, who also had the only plausible explanation for this ten-year gap: "For Coachella, the ladies need creative costuming."

Your question of the day for today is…Who gave the longest acceptance speech (clocking in at five-and-a-half minutes) in Oscar history?  Extra credit if you tell us what award it was and for what film.

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Featured Journalist: Tamer Abouras

Today’s featured journalist is Tamer Abouras, a freelance journalist based in Philadelphia (he's the one on the left). Tamer covers politics, policy, healthcare, transportation, energy, foreign policy, international affairs and economics. His work has appeared in publications like the Washington Examiner, The Federalist, the Independent Journal Review, Elite Daily, The Cheat Sheet, Forefront Magazine and elsewhere—and it can appear in yours, too. Be sure to check out his portfolio and bio to learn more.

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