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Crap trap
February 10th, 2017
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Today on the blog, we’re talking love - the professional kind. Sure, Valentine’s Day is still a few days away but check out Five Tips To Win A Reporter’s Heart from Michelle Garrett. While journalists and PR pros don’t always get along, we can still work to improve our media relations efforts to try to win over our friends in the journalistic world. It’s a great read and we highly recommend it.

Trump vs. courts

The Federal appeals court maintained its suspension of Trump’s immigration order, Matt Zapotosky wrote at the Washington Post.

For the same story, here’s what Adam Liptak published in the New York Times: Court Refuses to Reinstate Travel Ban, Dealing Trump Another Legal Loss.

Appeals Court Keeps Trump’s Travel Ban On Hold, Keeping Door Open For Visa Holders And Refugees was Chris Geidner’s headline for BuzzFeed.

9th Circuit judges say Donald Trump's sweeping talk of a "Muslim ban" can be used as evidence for discrimination. Terry Moran at ABC wrote, “THIS IS BIG.”

And if you want to know more about the White House reaction, Ashley Feinberg at Gizmodo posted this on Twitter: “Ok I just ripped the whole Breitbart interview because as many people should be able to enjoy this as humanly possible.” For reference, she’s referring to a Breitbart interview with Sean Spicer. Feinberg added, “But I should mention that there were 13 more seconds of silence in the beginning that wouldn’t fit on Twitter.”

Trump vs. Mexico1

A New and Rising Price Tag for Trump’s Wall is now estimated at $21.6 Billion, according to Jonathan Weisman at the New York Times. William Gallo tweeted, “Ok, NYT, I LOLd at that lede.” Alan Rappeport added, “No wonder President Trump wants the Mexicans to pay for it…”

Meanwhile, Joshua Partlow at the Washington Post reports that Jared Kushner, a shadow diplomat, pulls the strings on U.S.-Mexico talks.

Trump vs. the world

Reuters sources tell Jonathan S. Landay, David Rohde there that In a call with Putin, Trump denounced Obama-era nuclear arms treaty. Corrine Perkins explained, “When Putin raised the possibility of extending the nuclear arms treaty, Trump asked his aides what the treaty was.” Amy Fiscus seconded, “Trump complained about New START to Putin and had to ask aides during the call what the treaty was, per Reuters.”

Meanwhile, Matthew Rosenberg, Matt Apuzzo at the New York Times write that Flynn Is Said to Have Talked to Russians About Sanctions Before Trump Took Office. That would be national security adviser Michael T. Flynn. Steve Kopack gave this scoop a little media context, “And now the @nytimes has matched the WashPost, citing multiple officials familiar with the matter.”

And for context, here is that Washington Post piece from Ellen Nakashima: National security adviser Flynn discussed sanctions with Russian envoy before Trump took office, despite denials, officials say. Jonathan Allen said of the story, “Looks like someone wants to get rid of Flynn.”

How’s Trump doing though?

Well, according to Politico, Trump is vexed by the challenges and scale of government, Alex Isenstadt, Kenneth Vogel, Josh Dawsey write. Greg White tweeted their very good lede, “Being president is harder than Donald Trump thought, according to aides and allies…”

And Americans See The US World Standing as The Worst in a Decade, Art Swift, Neli Esipova, and Julie Ray explain at Gallup. Jake Tapper explained the results: “Gallup: % of Americans who think president is respected by world leaders Obama at this pt: 67% Bush: 49% Trump: 29%.”

In another poll, there’s news that Americans Are Now Evenly Divided on Impeaching Trump. For more, @ppppolls tweeted: “Support for impeaching Trump has climbed from 35% to 40% to 46% over the first three weeks of his Presidency.”

And what about Trumpworld?

Kellyanne Conway may have broken key ethics rule by touting Ivanka Trump’s products, experts tell Rosalind Helderman at the Washington Post. Allison Michaels tweeted, “Can she do that? Experts say, likely not.”

For more on Steve Bannon, check out what Jason Horowitz wrote at the New York Times that this Taboo Italian Thinker Is Enigma to Many, but Not to Bannon. For reference that “thinker” is Evola, who “became a darling of Italian Fascists.” Greg White pointed out that Russia's Dugin is also a fan.

News from around the world

Boris Johnson urged the UK to continue Saudi arms sales after funeral bombing, according to Alice Ross at The Guardian.

If you’ve ever wanted to know How tech ate the media and our minds, read the latest from Jim VandeHei in Axios. Sara Fischer said, “For better or worse, Google and Facebook are mostly to blame.” Mike Allen called it, “If you read only 1 thing.” Gary Fineout tweeted, “Warning about news organizations fall into a ‘crap trap.’”

Oh and State-sponsored hackers are targeting prominent journalists, Google warns. That alarming piece of news from Daniel Lippman at Politico.

And finally for some lovely things

Experience: I accidentally bought a giant pig, Steve Jenkins details in The Guardian. Bella Mackie was really quite calm about the whole thing: “I LOVE THIS AND I LOVE THESE MEN,” she tweeted. Jon Ronson explained, “I follow @EstherThePig and never knew her lovely backstory.” Rosamund Urwin tweeted, “The couple who accidentally ended up with a giant pig - this is really lovely.” Robert MacMillan called it a “Wonderful giant pig essay.”

And if you’re feeling philanthropic, here’s a reminder that you can Sponsor a Student Subscription to the New York Times. Sam Sifton tweeted, “Hey, did you know you can sponsor a student subscription to @nytimes now? Y'oughta!”

Question of the Day

Yesterday, we asked: Nordstrom, Inc., began as a single shoe store, opened in 1901 by Swedish immigrant John W. Nordstrom and his partner Carl Wallin. When John retired in 1928, he passed on his shares to two of his sons. What were their names?

Answer: When he retired, John Nordstrom sold his shares to two of his sons, Everett and Elmer.

This time, congrats to David Daniel, who was the first to answer correctly. Honorable mention to Lorraine Berry who tweeted: I grew up in Everett, Wa. Couldn't afford Nordstrom's; the boys' names were Everett & Elmer.

Your question of the day for today is…In the new TV show “Legion,” the character David Haller is a strong psychic who’s been misdiagnosed with schizophrenia. In the the son of which Marvel character?

As always, click here to tweet your answer to @MuckRack. We’ll announce the winners Monday!

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