Inside the mind of Steve Bannon

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Inside the mind of Steve Bannon
February 1st, 2017
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Hello from Muck Rack, where you can get a snapshot of what journalists around the world are reading, thinking and commenting on right now.

Before diving into the pool of nightmares this latest news cycle has presented before thee, check out the "5 links we loved most in January," compiled by Muck Rack's Jessica Lawlor.

Don't get mad, get scoops

Meet ScaliaBot 2.0

That's essentially how the New York Times' Adam Liptak characterizes Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch, writing that Gorsuch "not only admires the justice he would replace but also in many ways resembles him." But his resemblance to a bonafide conservative hero isn't the only reason Trump picked him, some argue. "Trump thought with his wallet when picking his #SCOTUS judge," tweets Randeep Ramesh of The Guardian, screengrabbing a passage from Liptak's piece referencing the challenges Gorsuch's nomination poses for "labor rights, consumer and financial protections, and environmental law." But the majority of the attention to the piece on Twitter is aimed at Liptak's kicker, which CNN's Eric Levenson calls "awesome":

Inside Baseball


Kevin Allison, a freelancer for the New York TimesYahoo, and others, cites a set of guidelines on how to write about Trump, drafted by Reuters' editor-in-chief Stephen J. Adler. The conclusion, in Allison's words, has a depressing kind of logic to it: There's "no special trick to covering Trump," and that reporters "can always cover US like you'd cover Iran." Indeed, the moment we start likening the US to Iraq, Yemen, and Zimbabwe, "there may be trouble ahead," says Theo Leggett of the BBC. But it's Reuters' own Michael Williams who offers the best "tl;dr" version of the story: "Don't get mad, get scoops."


"Here is a transcript of President Trump's comments on Dr. Martin Luther King at his Black History Month gathering this morning," tweets Daniel Dale of the Toronto Sun, posting a screengrab where Trump pivots from praising MLK to complaining about the press.

"Jerry Falwell Jr. will be leading Trump’s higher education task force," tweets Fusion's Kevin Roose. "Here’s a science textbook I was assigned at his school in 2007," posting a page from the book that includes "facts" about Noah's Ark and the Great Flood.

The Washington Post's David Farenthold goes "inside the mind of Steve Bannon," as his colleague Steven Ginsberg puts it.

And finally, this tweet from NBC News' Bradd Jaffy is really something:

Trump Sat: It's a ban

Spicer Sun: It's a ban

Conway Sun: It's a ban

Trump Mon: It's a ban

Spicer Mon: It's a ban

Spicer Tues: It's not a ban

And that wraps up your Doublethink Wednesday! It's no wonder 1984's sold out on Amazon...

Question of the Day

Yesterday we asked: On February 1, 1953, a TV show premiered that reenacted historical events in the format of a news report. What was the name of the show, and who was the host?

Answer: "You Are There," hosted by Walter Cronkite

Congrats to CNN's David Daniel, who answered first, with an honorable mention going to Maureen MacGregor, a self-described "PR techie."

The question of the day for today is... 
Last week, the brilliant British actor John Hurt passed away. Known for iconic roles in Alien, 1984, The Elephant Man, Watership Down, Midnight Express, Snowpiercer, and countless other critical and popular favorites, his last credited role will be Joe Wright's Winston Churchill biopic, Darkest Hour. Which real-life historical figure does Hurt portray? (Hint: It's not Churchill).

As always, click here to tweet your answer to @MuckRack. We’ll announce the winners tomorrow!

Featured journalist: Katie Shapiro

Say hello to Katie Shapiro, a journalist in Aspen, Colorado who serves as Digital Editor at her hometown's newspaper The Sojourner. Among her areas of focus in the cannabis beat (which is appropriate in the wake of Colorado's decision to legalize marijuana. Her coverage includes a recent article at The Cannabist which lists "16 cannabis lifestyle trends that defined 2016" including celebrity-sponsored strains and "artisan edibles." Enjoy!

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