The request isn't "Give blacks all the awards"

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The request isn't "Give blacks all the awards"
January 22nd, 2016
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Friday fallouts


"What's great about this is that the request isn't 'Give blacks all the awards,' it's 'Maybe we deserved one?'" Slate's Jamelle Bouie reacts to Oscar best actress nominee Charlotte Rampling's claim that this year's "lack of diversity" ruckus is somehow "racist to white people" (at about 10,000 hate-shares right now). "WHHYYYyyyyYYYYyyyyyYYYYY," is all The Guardian's Elena Cresci can tweet.  "Girl crush evaporated, just like that," laments Alexandra Marshall. "Nottttttttttt sure this will go over well for her," remarks Upworthy's Parker Molloy. "Uh-oh, Charlotte Rampling's next role may be as a witch at the stake," predicts Reason's Cathy Young. Or worse: "Congratulations to (apparently horrible person) Charlotte Rampling for handing the Oscar to Brie Larson," tweets Barry Hertz with Globe and Mail. Which leads Cameron Bailey with the Toronto Film Festival to ask, "If Rampling was willing to say this in a formal interview, how many in the film industry think it privately?"


Today's other jaw-droppers all seem to concern Syria: first up, the Financial Times reports that Vladimir Putin asked Bashar al-Assad to step down. "Guys, Putin told Assad to resign. Assad got angry (surprise!)," summarizes The Australian's Rick Morton. Dashiell Bennett imagines how the conversation may have gone: “'You have to quit.' 'No.' 'Ok. Can we bomb someone for you, instead?'" And then there's accusations that the UN allowed the Assad regime to censor its Syrian aid plan. "Why did @un allow Bashar to censor report showing it was starving people?" demands Middle East correspondent Borzou Daragahi.


Then of course there's the "crippling" blizzard bearing down on D.C. "The barely suppressed glee coming from regional weather obsessives is a little too much to take," observes Wall Street Journal's Matthew Rose. The New York Times editorial board blasts the depraved indifference toward Flint. "NYTimes calls out environmental racism in the Flint, Michigan toxic water crisis," NYT's Brent Staples bills it. And because after all that, we know you need to end on a better note, remember that runaway cow, Freddie Mercury? Well, even if you don't, he ultimately was saved from a Jamaica slaughterhouse after his great escape. "Runaway cow's savior named him Freddie after Queen's lead singer, since 'cow was from Qns'," points out DNA Info's Nicole Levy.

Question of the day


Our last question asked: J.P. Morgan Chase told investment bankers to do what? To take the weekends off, under an initiative called "Pencils Down."

Congratulations to Leila Palizi for being the very first to answer that correctly! Honorable mentions go out to these fine folks, as well: Carrie GrayDavid Daniel (who describes it as "relax and take some time off -- you know, as long as it doesn't interfere with work"), Craig PittmanJason HenselLucia A. WalinchusMark PoepselMaureen MacGregorTom BurtonJayna Wallace (who seems incredulous over the name: "Pencils, really?"), Ken Walker (who thinks the name is "surely provoking exam-taking PTSD"), Mark Gibbs (who jokes "the poor over-worked babies. Let's see, what does 'bankers' rhyme with?"), DebkrolFabiola Camacho (who also thinks the name is "giving employees flashbacks of middle school standardized testing"), Cindi Lash (who adds "There goes reconsidering a job in journalism?"), Lizzy Shaw (who adds "Hmm, wish I could get away with that!"), M Edward/Ed Borasky and Ron Casalotti (whose answer was this quip: "Take weekends off (one in 2016; one in 2017; and another two in 2018...)"). Shout out to Robert Fortner, who guessed the answer was "Go f#@k themselves. No, sorry. That was the Occupy Movement."

As for today's question, here it is: Washington City Paper is keeping track of what phenomenon that's struck stores, in advance of D.C.'s snowstorm?

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... We’ll announce the winners in the next Daily!

Career Updates
Journo job moves for Friday


Your career moves to know this morning:

  • Molly O'Toole (at right) has joined Defense One as a politics reporter. O'Toole comes from the Huffington Post, where she was news editor.
  • Will Mendelson is now a news associate producer at TMZ. Mendelson previously freelanced as an online news writer at Us Weekly.
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