Kremlin spokesman shows gift for understatement

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Kremlin spokesman shows gift for understatement
January 21st, 2016
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Earning a nomination for best Muck Rack analogy ever, today's blog explores why hiring a PR firm is like finding that perfect pair of jeans.

Thursday reads to read

"Kremlin spokesman Peshkov shows gift for understatement," tweets Bloomberg's Ken Fireman in response to the Russian spokesman's claim that a British inquiry reporting Vladimir Putin may have approved a critic's poisoning was “not among the topics that interest us" (at 3,500+ shares and climbing right now). Specifically, the report says Russia's president "probably approved" the spiking of the former KGB officer's tea with radioactive ingredients. "Probably? Evidence?" demands Michael Schwirtz with the New York Times. "Putin & polonium-poisoned tea are the news gifts that never die," declares NYT's Rick Gladstone. "He famously fell ill after a sushi lunch in London," shares Hiroko Tabuchi, also at the NY Times. "Begs question what else Putin knew," points out BBC's Katty Kay. Then Business Insider's Colin Campbell brings up the next natural question: "so who wants to ask Donald Trump about the British slandering the tremendous Vladimir Putin with these allegations?"

Also near the top of our rundown: an inch of snow and icy roads unleashed 9 hours of traffic chaos across the D.C. region. "An inch! Canada sighs," reacts David George-Cosh. "The Chicago climate is not ideal but at least we know how to deal with snow. DC refuses to learn," laments Chicago Tribune's Steve ChapmanTIME's latest cover story reports that for residents of Flint, Michigan, their governor's new emergency actions come too late while their mayor suggests the water crisis wouldn’t have happened in a rich suburb. "When I first saw this photo on the @nytimes home page, I thought it was a urine sample," admits NYT's David Chen. In other unsettling revelations, Cleveland Scene Magazine dumps the news that the grand jury in the Tamir Rice case did not take a vote on charges. "This is very weird. The Tamir Rice grand jury never voted. So how did they decide not to indict the officer?" asks Matt Pearce with the LA Times. And in political moves, former senator and onetime Republican nominee Bob Dole claims his party would suffer "cataclysmic" losses if Ted Cruz is the nominee and would "fare better" under Trump. "Things really are nuts when Bob Dole is describing Donald Trump as a kind of pragmatic alternative," concludes Steve Daniels at Crain's Chicago Business. Meanwhile, Carly Fiorina accused of "ambushing" children. "I'd be mad if I sent my kid on a field trip to a botanical garden & they ended up in an anti-abortion stump speech," freelance journalist Jill Filipovic makes a very good case. So there's that.

Question of the day

Our last question asked: The deep-seated and long-standing enmity between skiers and snowboarders got especially ugly this weekend in Aspen when what happened? The skier reportedly pushed a snowboarder off a chairlift after a joke apparently offended him.

Congratulations to Amy B Wang of The Arizona Republic for being the very first to correctly answer that. Honorable mentions go out to Fabiola Camacho (who added the hashtags #wtf and #notcoolbro), Maureen MacGregor (who called the perpetrator "a colossal a-hole (oops, I mean 'a skier')"), Carrie Gray (who tacked on #BadJokesAreDangerous and #CrazyInColorado), Martin BerlinerMark Gibbs (who "read what the 'boarder said; think I'd throw him off too"), Eve Byron (who adds "Dude, is room for all!") Ken Walker (who quips "It's all downhill from here") and Cindi Lash for all getting that right, as well.

As for today's question, here it is: J.P. Morgan Chase told investment bankers to do what?

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... We’ll announce the winners in the next Daily!

Career Updates
Journo job moves for Thursday

Your career moves for this morning:

  • The Associated Press has named Mimi Polk Gitlin (at right) head of media development and production, charged with "maximizing the exposure" of AP journalism across multiple platforms. Gitlin has been an executive at Grosvenor Park Media, a film finance company backed by Fortress Investment Group
  • Anna Lisa Raya is now senior awards editor at The Hollywood Reporter, where she will help coordinate the magazine’s award-winning Emmy and Oscar coverage. Raya comes from AwardsLine, Deadline Hollywood's awards season magazine, where she edited features on awards season contenders and trends, celebrity talent and more.
  • has two new editors: Karoli Kuns has been promoted to Managing Editor and Frances Langum has been promoted to Associate Editor.
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