"Somebody Needs To Introduce Mike Pence To His Running Mate"

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"Somebody Needs To Introduce Mike Pence To His Running Mate"
October 5th, 2016
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"Somebody needs to introduce Mike Pence to his running mate."


Mike Pence's apparent lack of familiarity - real or feigned - with the policies and rhetoric of his own running mate, Donald Trump, was one of the most common themes observed by journalists, pundits, and even Hillary Clinton in the wake of last night's Vice Presidential debate. For her part, Clinton's team put together a video highlighting a number of times her running mate Tim Kaine called on Pence to answer for some of Trump's most controversial statements. And again and again, whether on the subject of so-called "deportation forces" of Vladimir Putin's supposed greatness, Pence gave viewers the impresion that he might know less about Donald Trump than any other American with an Internet connection.

To be fair, Pence was almost certainly being strategically coy as opposed to sincerely ignorant, as he subtly but actively distanced himself from Trump. "Mike Pence won the debate by throwing Donald Trump under the bus," writes Vox's Matthew Yglesias.

But Salon's Amanda Marcotte has a less tactical and more dispiriting take on Pence's performance and the perception among many Republicans and even some Democrats that Trump's running mate outplayed Clinton's (who was visibly perspiring at times). "To say Pence “won” the debate is to say it matters not one bit if someone is a liar and a moral monster, as long as he doesn’t get sweaty."

In other news you should know:

  • "New Snowden?" asks New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt, tweeting out his own story (authored by three others) about an NSA contractor working for the firm Booz Allen who was arrested under suspicion of stealing secrets. As for "Old Snowden," here's what old Edward FlashDriveHands had to say about the news: "This is huge. Did the FBI secretly arrest the person behind the reports NSA sat on huge flaws in US products?"
  • "Fights, friendships ended" over Donald Trump in the NFL, reports Mike Freeman for Bleacher Report, meaning that wherever you work is more like an NFL locker room than you'd ever dreamed.
  • Another "Huge Story," says CJR's Trevor Timm, referring to a Reuters scoop alleging that Yahoo secretly scanned its customers' emails at the behest of U.S. Intelligence officials.
  • Speaking of big tech firms that have seen better days, Twitter will reportedly start the bidding process to be acquired this week. Marc Benioff's enterprise software company Salesforce appears to have the inside track on purchasing the beloved but beleaguared social network. That's great news for Benioff who is salivating over how "data-rich" Twitter is. But for those of us in journalism, PR, and beyond who love Twitter but also realize it must improve its methods for dealing with hate speech and harassment, it's difficult to believe that a company providing impersonal enterprise solutions will fix this problem
  • And finally, in the strangest story of the day, a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 CAUGHT FIRE. That's something you don't want to see happen anywhere, let alone ON A COMMERCIAL FLIGHT. And to make matters even worse, the flight was... SOUTHWEST AIRLINES! Samsung and Southwest were both once scrappy brands and solid alternatives to more pricey entrants, but each company has lost some of its appeal over the years. In any case, we can only hope this doesn't cause the airline industry to once again tighten restrictions on cell phone use so soon after finally easing them up.


Could you love me in a Bentley?

Could you love me on a bus?

I'll ask 21 questions, and they all about us

"21 Questions" - Rapper/Vodka Entusiast, 50 Cent

Once again it's time for every one's favorite quesion and answer game operated by a journalism-themed newsletter! Before we get to today's question, here's yesterdays: Speaking of games, we'll take game show feats for $1,000, Alex: This guy is setting the Jeopardy! world on fire with his impressive win streak. Even Alex Trebek is impressed with his winnings, which total more than $200,000. Tonight he goes for his 12th win. What is this man's name? (It's not a rule at Muck Rack, but it would be awesome if you would please answer in the form of a question. Because Jeopardy!)

And the correct answer - er question is... "Who is Seth Wilson?"

Congrats to Ron Casalotti who not only provided the correct answer but did so, charmingly, in the form of a question.

Here's your new question of the day:

Today, the legendary songwriter Rod Temperton passed away at the age of 66. Although most famous for writing a half dozen of Michael Jackson's best and most popular songs (including "Thriller" and "Rock With You") Temperton had a successful performing career as keyboardist and songwriter for a platinum-selling disco band in the 1970s.

What is the name of the band AND the name of their biggest hit song? (Hint: The name of the song was used as th title of 1997 P.T. Anderson film?)

Featured Journalist: Caitlin Leonard


We love all journalists here at Muck Rack, but freelancers hold a special place in our hearts: Hired guns, beholden to nobody except their own codes, ethics, and interests. Today, we're highlighting one of the most unique young freelance voices in digital media. Like Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, and other Canadians fascinated by America, Leonard brings an effortless mastery of the kind of words for natural wonder and beauty that don't often apply here in New York. She also brings a sense of openness, no doubt bred by living in a country with so many wide open spaces, to pieces written about Brooklyn, offering a much-needed counterpoint to the city's cold and claustrophobic environs. This meditative force also comes through in what stories she chooses to cover.

Career Updates
Bloomberg: You get a promotion! And you get a promotion!


Promotions, shake-ups, and new blood were all announced this week by Bloomberg and its U.S. economics team.

  • Brendan Murray (pictured right) was promoted to managing editor of economics coverage.
  • Alister Bull is now a team leader in charge of Fed coverage
  • Scott Lanman is team leader for U.S. economic indicators
  • Sarah McGregor is team leader for U.S. economic policy


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