Super PAC money tossed into dumpster fire

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Super PAC money tossed into dumpster fire
January 12th, 2016
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Tonight marks that magical time again -- #muckedup time! The State of the Union kicks off right after our weekly chat ends, so it only makes sense that we explore SOTU coverage at this evening's discussion. Got a relevant question for the group to tackle? Tweet it to our moderator, and then join the chat at 5 p.m. PST/8 p.m. EST by tweeting with and following the #muckedup hashtag! And because it's still January, and January is the perfect time for yearly look-aheads, on today's Muck Rack blog we're tackling how to approach continuous learning in the new year.

Headlines to heed


"Always great to see Super PAC money just tossed into a dumpster fire," tweets Bloomberg's Mark Gongloff of the bizarre political attack ad on Marco Rubio entitled simply "Boots" (at roughly 7,000+ shares at the mo)."The Rubio boots story is a distillation of everything people hate about politics. Anyway, here's Jeb's super PAC," MSNBC's Benjy Sarlin prefaces the video. "$100 million and you end up with this? What's the budget version?" asks Daily Beast's final State of the Union, so you better believe we have our hands full today with plenty more political news (also, dust off those SOTU drinking game Bingo cards). For one thing, Florida's death penalty system was just ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. "Because nothing else is going on today," Amy Hollyfield with the Tampa Bay Times tweets in wha we must presume is a facetious tone. A new book says that the father of the Koch bros helped build an oil refinery for Hitler. "Let those without fathers who built oil refineries for the Nazis cast the first stone," invites The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg. And David Brooks bewails the brutalism of Ted Cruz. "David Brooks calls Cruz a Pharisee and inauthentic. Ouchy ouch ouch," summarizes Liz Essley Whyte at the Center For Public Integrity.


Looking to global headlines, an explosion in one of Istanbul's tourist districts kills at least 10. Meet the Press's Luke Russert wonders if the "impact of terrorism forces Turkey to get tougher?" And in surprise engagements, Mick Jagger's long ago ex-wife Jerry Hall announced she is affianced to 84-year-old media mogul Rupert Murdoch. "It's terrifying to think that Rupert Murdoch is now just two beds removed from the late #DavidBowie (RM-JH-MJ-DB)," realizes WSJ's Jeff YangThe New Yorker's Patrick Radden Keefe shreds the tragic farce of El Chapo, which could alternatively be titled "That time I passed up the chance to ghost write El Chapo's memoirs." Continuing to prove he is a national treasure, in his latest post Ta-Nehisi Coates targets Bill Cosby and his enablers. "Rape is systemic, writes @tanehisicoates. It requires not just rapists like Bill Cosby, but also his enablers," further explains TNR's Jamil Smith.

Pontifications on the press


This just in: the New York Times has named a successor to the irreplaceable David Carr, and it's Jim Rutenberg (who tweets by way of announcement, "A little personal (and daunting) news..."). "Great news. @jimrutenberg -- one of the smartest political/media writers around is our next media columnist," responds Kate Phillips there. More in tomorrow's career section. Meanwhile, the owner of The Inquirer, the Philadelphia Daily News, and has donated the news organizations to a newly created media institute, essentially going nonprofit. "Fascinating--Philly newspapers will follow the Poynter model, be owned by nonprofit institute," observes The Washingtonian's Andrew Beaujon, who used to work at -- you guessed it -- Poynter. "Doesn't solve the sustainability problem big city newsrooms have, but FINALLY something imaginative and different," reacts journalist Jay Rosen.


At the other end of the enthusiasm spectrum, however, we have The New Republic owner Chris Hughes, who just put the magazine up for sale. "He wrecks the place and walks away," grouses NYT's Joe Nocera. "It's refreshing to see a CEO/owner admit failure," comes the alternative take from Wall Street Journal's Lauren Weber. "Even when print was profitable, TNR was a cause, not a biz," points out Bloomberg View's Virginia Postrel. "Congratulations to Sean Penn and El Chapo, the new owner-editor-and-publisher of the new republic," jokes The Atavist's Katia Bachko. Here's a euphemism of a post by Hughes, by the way, on TNR's "next chapter." "Hell of a way to market an asset you're trying to unload," notes WaPo's Lydia Depillis.

And in a truly bizarre turn of events, The Daily Telegraph appears to be installing workplace monitors on journalists' desks. "...seems this product would work better if more inconspicuous?" reflects Fortune's Robert Hackett. "How many times can one say goodbye to the Daily @Telegraph?" asks freelancer Dan Morrison.

Question of the day


Our last question asked: In a Vine'd clip from last night's Golden Globes, what interaction was observed between actor Leonardo DiCaprio and singer/actress Lady Gaga? Give us your best caption! Leo appears to give Gaga the side-eye after she brushed against his chair on her way to receive her award. DiCaprio says he was just startled.

Congratulations to Jason Shevrin with George Washington University Media Relations for being the very first to correctly answer that purely via emoji. Honorable mentions go out to these fine people for also getting it exactly right: Sabrina Buckwalter (who described Gaga as moving DiCaprio's arm out of the way "NY commuter style--get out of my way!"), Lucia A. Walinchus (who quips that DiCaprio can't "keep a p-p-poker face"), John Wall (who snarkily observes that Gaga was "in hurry to accept only acting prize she's destined for"), Margo Howard (who jokes "Previously a couple had been thrown out of McDonald's for doing that!"), Ken Walker (who more dryly describes it "She might have touched him as she walked by. He made a face. Drama ensued"), Ron Casalotti (who offers the caption "Hmm, I could go Ga-Ga over that!"), jeffool (who captions it "Young People's Madonna nudged Young People's Jack Nicholson and Twitter went crazy"), and Mark Gibbs (who suggests "DiCaprio was flinching from what he probably thought might be a another meat dress").

As for today's question, here it is: Mark Zuckerberg's latest post of his infant daughter is stirring things up because of what reason?

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Featured journalist: Jerriann Sullivan


Freelance content creator Jerriann Sullivan is an award-winning writer, editor, and photographer who loves to travel. Currently covering travel for Being Abroad, Sullivan has previously been published via CNN, NBC News, the Los Angeles Times, as well as the Chicago Tribune and is available for other freelance projects. Plus, she owns a pistachio-colored typewriter, which sounds like a great tool for writing a story. Her proudest work: "UCF student tries to heal after domestic-violence attack" (at 25 shares so far; for more of her work, check out her portfolio here). As for what it means to be a journalist, she quotes Karl Kraus in reply: "a person without any ideas but with an ability to express them; a writer whose skill is improved by a deadline: the more time he has, the worse he writes." Check out her Muck Rack profile here for how to get in touch with your pitches and story ideas!

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Career Updates
Journo job moves for Tuesday


Your career highlight this morning:

  • The Daily Dot's new cybersecurity reporter is William Turton (at right), whom you may remember as one of TIME's "Most Influential Teens of 2015." Read all about it here.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the industry:

  • Melissa Anderson has been named the Village Voice's senior film critic. Anderson will remain a contributor at Artforum and Bookforum.
  • Also at the Village VoiceMichael Feingold is their newest columnist. Feingold also will continue his current role as a contributor to TheaterMania.
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