Maybe time to go back to typewriters

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Maybe time to go back to typewriters
August 23rd, 2016
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Today the Muck Rack blog offers you a twofer: 9 things that make PR people want to cry and what every journalist can learn from Ernest Hemingway!

Trending this Tuesday


"Maybe it's time to go back to typewriters," suggests Scott Travis with the South Florida Sun Sentinel, after news broke that the FBI is investigating a potential Russian hack of the New York Times and others. "Surprised? That makes one of us," shrugs The Street's Keith Griffith. "U.S. officials believe that hackers working for Russia 'are targeting news orgs' along with Dem party groups," details CNN's Brian Stelter. But allow us to clarify, here: although the NYT's Moscow bureau does appear to have been targeted by hackers, there's no evidence (yet) they were successful. "So Russia tried, but failed, to hack NYT's Russia bureau ... Not as sexy as CNN's headline," muses independent journalist Marcy Wheeler.


Onward to politics. In a big bombshell from the Associated Press, we learn many donors to Clinton Foundation met with her while she was secretary of state. "55% OF HILLARY NON-GOVT STATE MEETINGS WERE WITH DONORS!" tweet shouts The Drudge Report. Specifically, the 85 donors contributed as much as $156 million total. "Pay to play via @ap ... as my Clinton sources warned 17 MONTHS AGO ... Will get worse," warns Ron Fournier at Crain's Detroit Business. On the other hand, some of the donors named by the AP was cause for some heads-scratching. "I oppose pay-for-play in govt, but I don't think HRC meeting with Nobel winner Muhammad Yunus 3x is an example," points out MSNBC and NBC's Elise Jordan.

Also related to the 2016 election:

Filed under generally weird: we're told that secret cameras are recording Baltimore’s every move from above. "Everything is bonkers in 2016 I need a new word," realizes freelance journalist Lawrence Lanahan.

Findings from the fourth estate


It turns out thousands of private lives have been exposed as WikiLeaks spills its secrets -- including the names of rape victims, the mentally ill and gay individuals living in countries where their sexual orientation is forbidden. "I support WL's mission, but redacting the names of gay men in Saudi Arabia seems like the prudent thing to do," reacts EFF's Eva Galperin. "Wikileaks does not even do a cursory check for malware in documents it dumps. This is a threat to dissident journalists who use Wikileaks," warns Zeynep Tufekci, before continuing, "In general, if you're a journalist or activist anywhere, you probably should get a dedicated Chromebook & access Wikileaks docs only there."

In other media-related news:

Question of the day


Our last question asked: What is so special about the individual recently promoted during a knighting ceremony in Edinburgh, Scotland? Brigadier Sir Nils Olav just so happens to be a penguin.

Yes, a penguin.

Congrats to Jake Wengroff (at right) of KMOX for being the very first to answer that correctly (and wondering "Why not a polar bear or reindeer?"). Honorable mentions go out to Whitney Friedlander (who jokes "He's been perfecting his outfit for the occasion for years"), Ron Casalotti (who quips "This Knight's tail has feathers, Sir Nils Olav, now a brigadier, is also a king [penguin, that is]"), Jade WalkerMark Gibbs (who observes "Yep, we Brits know how 2 partaaay!"), Natalie Tindall (who gets credit for pointing us to today's gif!) and Carrie Gray for all getting that right, as well.

As for today's question, here it is: Why has the Cincinnati Zoo deleted their Twitter account?

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