Basically the plot of an 80s buddy movie

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Basically the plot of an 80s buddy movie
August 18th, 2016
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You've heard of HARO, right? "Help A Reporter Out?" It can be a nifty service for both journalists and PR professionals, but do you know how to get the most out of it? On today's Muck Rack blog, check out these better ways to use this unique tool.

Datelines to digest


"This Lochte and his boys armed robbery story as a cover-up for gas station brawl is the plot of an 80s buddy movie," concludes WCCO anchor Jason DeRusha, and he's not too far off in that assessment. According to The New York Post and other media, new reports suggest Ryan Lochte and three other US Olympic swimmers lied about the robbery incident in Rio, after all (that Post article alone is at 3,500+ shares so far). "Nice work making USA look bad to the entire world," admonishes Kaja Whitehouse there. A police source tells ABC News that "one of the swimmers was seen on CCTV footage breaking down the door to the bathroom at the gas station and fighting with a security guard" the same night of the alleged mugging. "I was giving them benefit of doubt," admits WUSA 9's Bruce Leshan, speaking for a lot of us. "Fragments of an explanation emerging in Lochte story. Too bad they didn't come from the swimmers," observes NYT's Andrew Das. "Just when you thought this story (or Lochte's hair) couldn't get any weirder," tweets KMBC's Haley Harrison.

On the other hand, a Guardian exclusive reveals an Olympic athlete from the Great Britain team may actually have been held up at gunpoint in Rio.


In other breaking news, Uber’s first self-driving fleet arrives in Pittsburgh this month! "Oh, you know how uber is pouring money into a decades long robot research project? It's going to market right now," reports Bloomberg's Max Chafkin, who got that big scoop. "Best thing about this is now thanks to Uber your pup can get a ride to you if they miss you," muses Comfortably Smug.

In politics, NBC News explains how Bernie Sanders avoided disclosing his personal finances. "Bernie—who screamed from the rooftops about need for transparency—says he won't file a personal financial disclosure," notes NBC's Bradd Jaffy. Elsewhere in the Democratic party, Hillary Clinton's running mate Tim Kaine is having to answer for comments he made in 2002 that President Bill Clinton should have resigned in the wake of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, while accusations about Hillary's health continue to swirl. So far, her opponent Donald Trump is having an A-OK news day--as long as you don't count those hilarious prank campaign ads put together by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

In other news we can't joke about, but must mention:

Media mélange



This just in on the media beat: Gawker's flagship site will go dark next week. "Sure, Gawker wrote a lot of garbage but it was punctuated by world-changing and often doc-based scoops," posits WaPo's Erik Wemple. "Taking this moment to remember that @Gawker and @tomscocca launched one of the most enjoyable debates of our time," CNN's Dylan Byers reminds everyone.

Mother Jones wants you to know that this is what's missing from journalism right now: readers willing to support substantive, investigative reporting where the biggest cost is time. "Journalism's problem in one equation: @MotherJones' prison investigation cost $350K but only made $5K in ad revenue," points out Chicago Tribune's Kurt Gessler. So how to fill in the blanks? ".@ClaraJeffery and I have spent our lives in journalism. We want to help save it. This may be our best shot," reveals MJ's Monika Bauerlein. Put more plainly, Atlas Obscura's Reyhan Harmanci recommends, "Just set up recurring donation. Worth it."

Sadly, it looks as if the New York Times is putting an end to its NYT Now mobile app. "Filed Under Everything I Love Dies," laments Newsweek's Margarita Noriega.

Wired just made its first-ever endorsement -- of "optimism!" And by that, they mean Hillary Clinton. Americans have a lot to lose, whereas the "person who has the least to lose is Trump, who has a long history of walking away relatively unscathed from things he’s destroyed," argues Scott Dadich there, although Gizmodo's William Turton counters, "this is pretty weird for a lot of reasons but mostly because HRC's tech policy is bad/barely defined."

Question of the day


Our last question asked: Move over, cargo shorts story, because this is the real Wall Street Journal feature of the summer. According to recent Journal headline, England is looking for a few good what? Senior Hedgehog officers, apparently:"The collapse of Britain’s hedgehog population has spawned a proliferation of only-in-England jobs, paid and unpaid positions for people willing to turn their lives upside down and even dress like a hedgehog to protect the spiky mammals."


Congratulations once again to CNN's David Daniel (at right) for being the very first to answer that correctly! Honorable mentions go out to these prodigious people for also getting it right: Craig PittmanTed StreuliCharlotte LoBuono (who cheerfully adds "I'll send my resume!"), Lucia A. WalinchusMatt NagelNatalie TindallRon Casalotti (who jokes "a job explosion that can only be described as a, ahem, 'Sonic-Boom'"), Lisette (who quips "I'm sure there was a 'spike' in applications!"), Mark Gibbs (who perfectly dubs it "the thin, prickly brown line?"), Nate Russell (who renames them the "Hedgehog Politruks" and Laura Kath (who accurately adds the hashtag #SpikeyCreaturesRule).

As for today's question, here it is: Why was a pole vault silver medalist reduced to unhappy tears during a recent medal ceremony in Rio?

Click here to submit your answers to @MuckRack. IMPORTANT: If you choose not to click that link, please include the word "answer" in your tweet so we can find it (the link will automatically do so for you)!

... We’ll announce the winners in the next Daily!

Featured journalist: Arthur Zaczkiewicz


Today we'd like to introduce you to Arthur Zaczkiewicz, executive editor of strategic content development at Women's Wear Daily. This New York-based journalist first got his start in news as writer and reporter for Ulster Publishing's New Paltz Herald, entering the field "Because it involves making sense out of seemingly senseless things." Zaczkiewicz prefers to be pitched via a "thoughtful email," but says the worst pitch he ever received came in the form of several emails, wherein the PR agency introduced each one with "Hi Adam!" Ouch! Aside from his own publication, his favorite outlet to consult for information is BBC News. We highly recommend you stop by his Muck Rack portfolio for samplings of his work, which offers in-depth insights on his beat via headlines like "Finding Opportunities Among Fashion Brand-Avoiding Millennials" and "State of Retail Report Shows Market in Flux, Ripe With Opportunities" (which has already received 200+ shares).

Remember: If you also want to be featured, you should 1) set up your own journalist portfolio 2) get verified and 3) let us know by emailing Kirsten.

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