Do journalists need to answer their emails?

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Do journalists need to answer their emails?
July 24th, 2016
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Hello from Muck Rack, where you can get a snapshot of what journalists around the world are reading, thinking and commenting on right now.

Should journalists answer their emails from PR pros? One journalist says YES and with 150+ shares, this post is making its rounds around the PR/journalism community. Read on to check it out, plus some of our other popular posts from the Muck Rack blog over the past few weeks.

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There's never been more potential to tell your story to the public, yet most tools haven't fundamentally changed since the first journalist directory was published in 1952. Press releases are aimlessly blasted out. Journalists are spammed because of antiquated media databases. PR pros get little response and can't measure the effectiveness of their work. 

Muck Rack is the solution to these problems; trusted by top-tier journalists, global PR agencies and Fortune 500 companies, in addition to many boutique agencies and entrepreneurs.

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Muck Rack's Top Blog Picks

Yes, reporters, you need to answer your emails

"Journalists have a serious communication problem. Every time I've turned the tables and asked PR pros what bugs them most about us, the answer is always the same:  journalists don't answer emails. (Tweet it)

Don't forget sunscreen: how to not get burned during the slow summer months

"So what’s a PR professional to do? Lather up the PR sunscreen: here are the best ways to not get burned during the slow summer months!" (Tweet it)

How to use your journalism skills to boost income and career flexibility

"Journalists are jam-packed with creative talents and industry know-how that translate well into other media and communications-related job opportunities." (Tweet it)

If you're going to pitch the media by phone, do these three things

"The truth is: a very large number of public relations professionals simply don’t know how to phone pitch. Let me start by saying: it’s probably not their fault." (Tweet it)


10 things PR account managers do that they really shouldn’t

"I compiled a list of 10 things an account manager can do that will exasperate the daylights out of me, in the hope that eager, fresh out of PR school grads will take note, but I’m not going to lie. I also did it to vent a little." (Tweet it)

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