Seeking comment from D-Money, Smoothie and Shifty

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Seeking comment from D-Money, Smoothie and Shifty
January 8th, 2016
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Final ledes for Friday


Maine's governor is garnering a lot more attention than usual thanks to making "racially charged comments" at a meeting full of reporters and recorders, in which Gov. Paul LePage blamed the state's heroin problem on some nefarious characters named "D-Money, Smoothie and Shifty." No word yet on where he came up with these monnikers. "This is a real quote by a real Governor of a real state in 2016. A Governor!" marvels one Twitter user. "How appropriate that Maine is being governed by a character from a Stephen King novel," muses NPR's Peter Sagal. "I hope story will be updated w/ comment from D-Money, Smoothie & Shifty," BuzzFeed's Adrian Carrasquillo wistfully tweets.

Also in politics: "Powerful piece by Obama on gun control. And the need for audacious thinking," ABC's Hamish MacDonald tweets of Barack Obama's New York Times op-ed that calls guns our shared responsibility (at a mere 58,000+ shares right now--NBD, right). "Wow: When is the last time a sitting American president penned an OpEd in the New York Times?" wonders NYT's Rukmini Callimachi. In it, Obama announces that he will not support any candidate who doesn't support common-sense gun control. "This could be the end for the Webb campaign," realizes Wall Street Journal's James Taranto. "Love the tag line: Barack Obama is president of the United States," notes Michael Luo, also at the NY TimesNieman Lab's Joshua Benton quips, "oh, I knew I knew that name from somewhere."

In response, Americans remain largely supportive but skeptical on Obama's gun action. "CNN poll: 67% support Obama’s executive actions on guns. Breakdown: Dems 85% Ind 65% GOP 51% Gun owners 57%," Bloomberg's Sahil Kapur breaks it down.


Looking in on some of yesterday's biggest late-breaking news, shock and laughter greeted the plan for the Saudi Arabian sale of the century. "When banker heard about Saudi plan to list Aramco, he had to pull over his car because he was laughing so hard," shares Business Insider's Matt Turner. Being hailed as "too big to value," here's Bloomberg News on why Saudi Aramco is in a league of its own. "I LOLd when I read the potential market value if Saudi Aramco goes public," admits Tom Randall there. "Depends if it's valued like Exxon or Rosneft," adds colleague Joe Weisenthal. Also on the economics beat, the end of a monetary illusion is magnifying shocks for the markets. "Central bankers have lost their ability to act as circuit breakers for financial markets," Bloomberg's Lisa Abramowicz elaborates. And don't forget it's time once again for the jobs report, so here's WSJ again with everything you need to know.

Media and tech mash-up


In extremely cool slash edgy news, ProPublica just became the first major news source to launch a news site just for the Dark Web. "If anecdotal experience bears out, I predict 1/2 @ProPublica's Tor service users will be paranoid young lawyers," suggests Clare Malone. Simultaneously, HuffPost Video announces a big pivot while The New Yorker unveils next week's cheekily brazen new cover image to accompany Kim Jong-un’s big announcement. "Next week's @NewYorker cover by Anita Kunz is called 'New Toys' (also today's his birthday)," points out Silvia Killingsworth there. Also, Columbia Journalism Review takes a look at the media’s complicated role in that "all the rage" documentary series, Making a Murderer. "The press is an important supporting character in #MakingAMurderer, but reporters didn't get the best shake," the piece's author Jack Murtha explains. "The idea that local broadcast journalists were at all skeptical during Avery trial is laughable," chimes in Joel Christopher from Gannett Wisconsin Media. Relatedly, we'd like to call your attention to the series' reporters whom everyone's crushing on.

And lest you think we'd forgotten the "tech" part of this subhed, you should be aware that U.S. marshals raided a hoverboard booth at CES. "'It quickly became clear this wasn't the usual CES publicity stunt.' Hoverboard maker calls in FBI on rival," further details The Guardian's Subhajit Banerjee.

Question of the day


Our last question asked: The Gothamist floats the possibility that all these viral rat videos can be traced back to what possible source? The possibility that they all might be the work of a mysterious performance artist named Zardulu and a trained rat.

Congratulations to Craig Pittman of the Tampa Bay Times for being the very first to get that right! Honorable mentions go out to these wonderful people for answering correctly, as well: Sabrina Buckwalter (who adds "I wondered as much too!"), David DanielCarrie Gray (who wonders via hashtag "#WhyIsThisAThing?"), Laura Alix (who adds "Oh, New York, how I miss you sometimes..."), Ken WalkerJeanne Kirk (who notes "(we all have our hobbies!"), Lucia A. Walinchus (who calls the videos "Metaphors for the struggle of humanity. Like how I probably posted this tweet too late. #RatRace"), Kim Newman (who suggests "Maybe she could have a rodent circus..."), Mark Gibbs (who alternatively suggests "Perhaps she could have a go at training Congress to do something. Anything."), and Ron Casalotti (who calls her "the best rat-trainer/performance artist since the Pied Piper of Hamlin"). Shout out to Margo Howard for theorizing "The rat's proud mother. Or: a dim Domino's marketing department."

As for today's question, here it is: The world's oldest living animal is making headlines today for what reason?

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... We’ll announce the winners in the next Daily!

Featured journalist: Jose Fermoso


Jose Fermoso is a journalist with two homes: born in Oakland but "bred partly in Mexico," Fermoso split his time between both places growing up. After moving to the U.S. to live full-time, however, Fermoso "found his way to journalism" by copy editing Windows Vista Magazine, which he aptly describes as a "well-respected publication focused entirely on the most reviled software of the century." Later Fermoso joined, where he busied himself covering business and consumer tech, developing the company’s Product Reviews site, and co-hosting their popular Wired Gadget Lab podcasts. Eventually he worked as a reporter alongside author Leander Kahney on the unauthorized biography of Jony Ive, which would become a New York Times bestseller. Most recently he joined Silicon Valley Business Journal as a reporter on the Internet of Things and green tech beats. Fermoso also reports for OZY, the daily digital magazine custom "built for the Change Generation." Check out his Muck Rack portfolio here for a taste of his work.

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Career Updates
Journo job moves for Friday


Today's career moves to know:

  • This week marks Katie Dupere's (at right) first as Mashable's newest social good reporter. Read all about it here.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the industry:

  • Daniel Petrella is now the Springfield bureau chief for Lee Enterprises Newspapers. Petrella was most recently the assistant metro editor and projects coordinator at The State Journal-Register in Springfield, Ill.
  • Maryanne Murray returns to the Wall Street Journal as senior visual editor. Murray was most recently at Reuters as global head of graphics, but previously served as WSJ's senior graphics editor.
  • Sean McDade also joins WSJ as visual editor for business and tech. McDade hails from the Associated Press, where he was an interactive designer.
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