The revolution was just Periscoped

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The revolution was just Periscoped
June 22nd, 2016
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You can't make this news up


"We threw out the playbook today," concludes CSPAN's Michele Remillard, after House Republicans shut off the TV feed of the House Democrats' sit-in today (that link alone got 2,000+ shares, and there were countless other summaries). "CSPAN does not control the feed from House floor. They just air it and put graphics up," politely points out Politico's Hadas Gold. The move came after Democrats in the House staged a sit-in aimed at embarrassing Republican counterparts, just a week after their colleagues in the Senate held a filibuster in support of gun control measures. "My colleagues & I have had enough. We are sitting-in on the House Floor until we get a vote to address gun violence," tweets Georgia Rep. John Lewis. "First a filibuster, now a sit-in. You'd think the Democrats had suddenly decided they wanted to get something done," muses Laura Curtis. "Sit-in! I feel so '60s all over again," admits Cathy Grossman at Religion News Service. "Over 20 years of close @cspan watching, I have never seen a spectacle like this. House Dems occupying the floor," marvels Motherboard's Sam Gustin.

And that's when House Speaker Paul Ryan cut the cord, so to speak. "#ThatAwkwardMoment when Paul Ryan is so in favor of American Freedom, he cuts off tax-funded freedom of the press," snarks Eric Wolfson, although Christopher Ortiz at Albuquerque Business First argues, "Let’s be clear: Dems would do the same to Republicans on an issue they didn’t care much for." So California congressman Scott Peters took to Periscope to broadcast the spectacle, and CSPAN got hold of that feed instead. "Paul Ryan doesn't understand how the internet works. YOU CAN'T TURN OFF ALL OUR CAMERAS," declares Phoebe Gavin at ThinkProgress. Peters also pleaded that other colleagues download the app so that his stream would not crash. Still, leave it to Gawker to ferret out the frivolousness in this: "The Democrats are boldly fighting for a bad, stupid bill," insists Alex Pareene. "The Democratic proposal has been catch-phrased and hashtagged as 'no fly, no buy,' because it would prevent people who end up on government terrorism watchlists, including the 'no fly list,' from purchasing firearms. This would do little to reduce gun violence, but it would add an additional layer of surveillance and government scrutiny to a particular class of people."

Let the debate rage on.

Question of the day


Our last question asked: Good Morning America is under fire (hilariously, we might add) for mistakenly misusing what beloved meme? GMA referred to the beloved 2014 meme of shade-throwing Kermit the Frog as -- wait for it -- "tea lizard." Never mind that Kermit is amphibian, not reptile, and also, he has a name. Tea lizard?! Really??

Congrats to MLB Network freelance researcher Bill Chuck for being the very first to get that right! Honorable mentions go out to these fine folks for also answering correctly: Lizzy Shaw (who quips "it's not easy being green!!!!"), Mark Gibbs (who calls the gaffe "Just plain weird"), Jake Wengroff (who wonders "What would Miss Piggy say about this?"), Craig PittmanRobin Tierney, and Ron Casalotti (who notes it's especially odd considering the iconic amphibian is "Disney owned like ABC").

As for today's question, here it is: Now we know it's the end of days, because Burger King just jumped into the snack-brand hybrid game by introducing what monstrosity?

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... We’ll announce the winners in the next Daily!

Career Updates
Journo job moves for Wednesday


Your career moves for today:

  • Jacqueline Howard (at right) just joined the CNN Health team as a feature writer. Howard hails from the Huffington Post, where she served as senior science editor.
  • Jessica Plautz has been named digital news editor at Travel + Leisure. Plautz most recently was a travel editor at Mashable.
  • Megan Baker has been named senior editor at HGTV Magazine. Baker joins from This Old House Magazine, where she was staff editor.
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