Brazil literally killed its own Olympic mascot

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Brazil literally killed its own Olympic mascot
June 21st, 2016
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News to know now


"Brazil literally killed its own Olympic mascot," tweets Reuters Brazil bureau chief Brad Brooks while sharing the news that an Amazon jaguar was shot dead at an Olympic torch ceremony (at 2,000+ shares). The photo opportunity took place during a stop on the torch's journey through over 300 Brazilian cities before its arrives at Maracanã Stadium on Aug. 5. "The team mascot is a cartoon jaguar, too," further elaborates colleague Luciana Lopez. "Maybe using wild animals as part of a spectacle isn't such a good idea, Brazil," scolds financial columnist James Saft. "What else can go wrong with Rio Olympics? A plague of locusts?" wonders James Cobb, formerly of Detroit Free Press. Still, Tom Manning probably tweeted it best: "These Olympics are off to a great start."

In other trending news, the Clinton Foundation reportedly was breached by Russian hackers, which would make them the next victim in what looks like a Russian espionage dragnet in advance of the 2016 election. "Could Russian hackers give rise to a second Hillary e-mail issue?" pointedly asks Winnie O'Kelley at Bloomberg News. "Was her private server more secure?" snarks ProPublica's Charles Ornstein. And then there was the unsettling breaking bulletin of the three gun enthusiasts arrested with multiple loaded guns, knives, and body armor at Holland Tunnel, on their way to Queens where they say the hoped to free a friend "held against her will." "I can't imagine why police were skeptical of these people," muses Jake Grovum at the Financial Times. "Not 'terrorists' just fully tacticooled 'gun enthusiasts' taking 6 weapons and 2,000 rds to Queens. What a relief!" sarcastically tweets Dan Murphy. And they were ready to do it with this truck, by the way.

Question of the day


Our last question asked: What new development has the Unabomber back in the headlines? Ted Kaczynski is claiming that  “some creep in Santa Barbara” is impersonating him in letters to journalists

Congrats to Mark Gibbs for being the very first to get that right! Shout out to Margo Howard for admitting "I have no idea, but he was in my husband's class at Harvard & no one seems to have known him."

As for today's question, here it is: Good Morning America is under fire (hilariously, we might add) for mistakenly misusing what beloved meme?

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Career Updates
Journo job moves for Tuesday


Your career moves to know today:

  • In case you were wondering what @nycjim had up his sleeve next, Jim Roberts (at right) is next headed to The Hill, where he will act as a consultant to help form a new opinion section. You already know Roberts most recently as the former executive editor and chief content officer at Mashable.
  • Seunghee Suh is now Allure's digital edior. Suh joins from The Wall Street Journal, where she held the very same role.
  • TheStreet welcomes Keith Griffith as hedge fund reporter. Griffith previously was a senior reporter for SDxCentral.
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