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Not Gouda news
May 17th, 2016
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The headiest of headlines


"Not Gouda news," perfectly quips ABC's Rebecca Jarvis in response to the very important bulletin that A Cheese Glut is Overtaking America (at 300+ shares right now). "America, we are not eating enough cheese!" admonishes Shira Ovide at Bloomberg Gadfly.  "Ah, a cheese glut so big that every American would need to eat an extra 3 lbs to work it off -- challenge accepted," reacts Katherine Chiglinsky, elsewhere at Bloomberg. But lest you get too caught up in the cheese-phoria, beware. "Good news: there's a glut of cheese! Bad news: It's American cheese," points out WSJ's Michael Bird. Moreover, we have NBC's Josh Sternberg to bring us back down to reality with a big thud: "1 in 6 Americans face hunger. Maybe they can benefit from the glut of cheese, meat & poultry."

Enough of that frivolity, because here comes your daily dose of politics. At PoliticoShane Goldmacher insists that Donald Trump is not expanding the GOP. "So all those new voters Trump claims? Most of them were gonna vote in November anyway," Goldmacher tweets. "Surely, THIS example of Trump making shit up will be the one that takes him down," hopes Rob Garver with the Fiscal Times. So perhaps knowing that, you won't be as surprised to hear that some conservatives are still plotting to #stopTrump at the upcoming Cleveland convention. "n words of one frustrated delegate, 'Donald Trump has an obligation to earn our vote. We don’t owe him anything,'" WaPo's Ed O'Keefe reports. But even while that goes on, Trump appears to be borrowing from Bernie Sanders’s playbook to woo Dems. "'Who’s been tougher on bankers than Trump? He’s taken them to the cleaners.' Non-payment of debt=tough on Wall St?" NYT's Jonathan Weisman wonders after reading. And on that note, you may have heard that Bernie Sanders supporters are pretty angry at the Nevada Democratic party right now. And by angry, we mean "making death threats"-level angry. "The many women who have reported harassment from Sanders supporters are totally making up the #BernieBro phenomenon," sarcastically tweets freelancer Jill Filipovic, before adding, "I don't blame Sanders for the bad behavior of so many of his followers. But he needs to get his people in line." And lastly, it might all come down to Pennsylvania: could The Keystone State be this year's electoral tipping point? Former GOP runner John Kasich insists it's still Ohio, but if it is, his noticeable lack of endorsement could prove crucial in shutting down Trump in the general election.

The blues on the news


If you haven't already caught wind of the accusations facing LA Times music critic Sasha Frere-Jones, you're in for a ride: Frere-Jones has resigned after (it's rumored) expensing the Times for a $5,000 strip club tab. "I'm sorry, I can't hear very well in here. Did you say $5000?" incredulously asks Politico's Timothy Noah. "Haven't been this disappointed in Sasha Frere-Jones since I learned he was actually a middle-aged white guy," admits freelancer Zach Everson. VICE's Drew Millard envisions how that went down: "*blacks out at strip club* *wakes up, checks bank balance* *emails receipts to editor*." Jesse Katz with Los Angeles Magazine, on the other hand, actually sounds a little impressed: "Props. When I wrote about 'gentleman's clubs' for @latimes in 1995, my biggest tab was only $600."  Also, it was a PR person who did him in, in case you wondered.

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign appears to have canceled a reporter's interview after they heard him speak Spanish. "Breaking news: Spanish is Trump's kryptonite! It's the one way to get him to turn down an interview," realizes WaPo's Carlos Lozada. "If true no journalist should agree to interview @realDonaldTrump until @mstupenengo gets his interview," asserts Marc R. Masferrer at the Bradenton Herald. And at BBC News, they've unveiled their strategy for saving £15m by website cuts: by removing thousands of recipes. "Quick, get the creme brulee details now!" warns RTÉ's Ciaran O'Byrne. It's not all doom and gloom in media this morning, though. For one thing, ESPN just launched The Undefeated, its new digital platform exploring the intersection of race, sports and culture, and EIC Kevin Merida seems like a pretty proud papa. "On the 62nd anniv of Brown v Board, @TheUndefeated is launched. @meridak vows 'no day without swagger,'" shares NYT's Jonathan Martin. Plus, what does the First Amendment look like in the digital age? The Knight Foundation and Columbia University will spend $60 million to find out.

Still, before you get too hopeful, we submit to you this peculiar satire from Gawker Media, where it's apparently Honesty Week.

Question of the day


Our last question asked: According to Shane Black, how did a toy completely change Iron Man 3? A character's gender was changed to male due to fears that a toy version of a female villain wouldn't sell as well. Le Sigh.

Congratulations to KPMG's Ron Casalotti for being the very first to answer that correctly (and for noting "even though we're talking about, essentially, dolls"). Honorable mentions go out to Ken Walker (who wonders "Because the shelves are filled with Guy Pearce toys? ... Or are they? Seriously, I don't know."), Craig PittmanCindi Lash and Mark Gibbs for all getting that right, as well.

As for today's question, here it is: Speaking of gender issues, what recently happened to a female weathercaster that's causing a ruckus in social media?

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... We’ll announce the winners in the next Daily!

Career Updates
Journo job moves for Tuesday


Your career swaps to know for today:

  • Mad about marriage: Esther Lee (at right) is the newly anointed senior news editor at The Knot. Lee previously served as a staff editor for Us Weekly.
  • Now it's official: The LA Times appoints interim fashion editor Marques Harper as full-time fashion editor in charge of their Image section.
  • Men's to Men's: Clint Carter joins Men's Journal as senior editor. Carter comes from Men's Health, where he was senior editor.
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