A ranking of candidates by pizza slice

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A ranking of candidates by pizza slice
April 15th, 2016
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"Come for the pic of a young @mattfleg and stay for a ranking of presidential candidates by pizza slice," invites Washington Post's Katie Zezima, linking to Matt Flegenheimer's New York Times post that pits Clinton vs. Sanders vs. Trump to answer "Who Is the True New Yorker?"(currently at 3,700+ shares). "None if they max out at five slices," argues picture editor Jeffrey Furticella, also at the Times. "NYT reporter 'who's so New York he didn't learn to drive a car until last year' weighs 2016ers home turf claims," The Hill's Sarah Ferris bills it. Jessica Goldstein at Vulture chimes in, "praise be to @mattfleg with this quantitative pizza analysis of which 2016 candidate is the New Yorkiest of them all." Tim Murphy with Mother Jones declares, "May the New York primary never end." Although Peter Spiegel with the Financial Times took umbrage with some of the rankings: "I rarely accuse a fellow hack of bias, but @BernieSanders more of a NYer than @realDonaldTrump? He lives in Vermont!" But ProPublica's Derek Willis found a problem with something different about this piece: "I am old enough to remember when using pizza icons in graphic was a big no-no at @nytimes." Then Fast Company'design team got in on the joke: "Hey, @nytimes, our photo editor @salophoto fixed your chart for you." And of course, all hail the true New Yorkers who would have earned 10 slices. "Only true New Yorkers may comment, retweet or otherwise engage with this tweet," sniffs NYT's Patrick LaForge.

Seeing as we're already mired in the political beat, apparently Facebook's employees have asked Mark Zuckerberg if they should try to stop a Donald Trump presidency. "Facebook has unprecedented power to influence elections & its employees are openly questioning if they should use it," elaborates Trevor Timm of Guardian US and CJR. At the same time, GOP foreign policy elites don’t know whether they’ll serve if Trump is president. "The reason beltway folks are running scared? The Crazy Train may pull into Union Station," explains Boston Globe's Alex Kingsbury. And lest you think we forgot, last night was Brooklyn fight night -- here's the Democratic debate, summarized. Kinda. "Political satire, it's never been so dire," muses Jeremy Barr at Advertising Age.

Question of the day

Our last question asked: What disturbing detail was visible in a photo taken after Prince William shook the hand of India's prime minister? A very deep-looking, whitened imprint where Prime Minister Narendra Modi's hand squeezed his. Modi must have "the grip of a goddamn hero," BuzzFeed concludes.

Congrats to Lucia A. Walinchus for being the very first to get that right! Honorable mentions go out to Mark PoepselJayna WallaceCindi Lash and Katie North for all answering correctly, as well! Shout out to Martin Berliner for guessing, "His hand was heavily bandaged (Bitten by a mamba? No, not Kobe)." Which was close. And timely.

As for today's question, here it is: A former 1960s bondage film actress is waging legal combat for ownership of what franchise?

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... We’ll announce the winners in the next Daily!

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