Happy "ugh why did I leave my house today" day!

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Happy "ugh why did I leave my house today" day!
April 1st, 2016
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Everything April Foolsy


"Happy 'ugh why did I leave my house today' day!" greets Washington Post's Jessica Stahl, which pretty much summarizes the nuisance that is April Fools' Day, particularly for those of us who work in news. First off, Jon Lovitz and that actress you've never heard of are not getting married, Trader Joe’s is not closing all its stores by 2017, and you should definitely avoid taking any Lyft rides with prank-loving pals today. "Advisory: If you consider yourself a serious journalist and you try some April Fool’s shit tomorrow you should be ashamed of yourself. Danke," CNN's Dylan Byers warned yesterday. For a comprehensive list of all the April Foolery you should avoid today, please consult the Washington Post's handiwork here. "This is public service journalism, right here," applauds Seung Min Kim at Politico, while Robert Reese with Runner's World wonders, "Is there anything more annoying than #AprilFools? If so, I don't want to know what it is." The Verge also helpfully published an anthology of April Fools' stories from across the internet, ranked from best to worst. Meanwhile, Brett Rosner at WSB-TV tweeted a gif and calls it analogous to "journalists on april fools' day." So, Brett, are we the irascible velociraptors, or are we Chris Pratt?

National Geographic may have squeezed in the one decent joke by publishing a pledge to stop publishing nude animal pictures. "This is one got me," admits NBC's Kristin Donnelly (wait, really?), although Mashable's Seth Fiegerman complains, "ok fine whatever I'll click but I still hate this." Alternatively, Alex Hern with The Guardian suggests, "a great april fools gag is saying ‘great april fools gag’ before something that is not in fact an april fools gag." Got it. And then there are the posts that you so hoped could be blamed on the holiday: "Taylor Swift rapping along to 'Jumpman' while doing cardio is an April Fool’s prank that I wish was actually a prank," laments LiveNation's Larry Fitzmaurice.

Trending in non-tomfoolery


On the other hand, here's everything that isn't a joke: Saudi Arabia is planning a $2 Trillion megafund to dwarf all its rivals. "Here comes the biggest #SWF ever, from who else? The Saudis. $2T (as in T) fund aims to wean the kingdom off oil," Bloomberg's David Levitt explains. In another installment of the Washington Post's good work on police data, the Post discovers that 1 in 5 officers’ names go undisclosed in fatal shootings by cops. "This affront to public accountability by LE very much begins at the top with the federal government," reacts David Simon. And in another WaPo reveal we learn that the CIA left explosive material on a school bus after a training exercise. "Like Mo Willems said, sorta, don't let the CIA drive the bus," quips Kathryn Shulz. At Media Matters, Oliver Willis imagines how this all went down: "CIA AGENT TO SELF: Man, I just feel like I forgot something. WIFE: How was your day AGENT: Okay I just OH SHIT." If only this story had been a misguided attempt at April Fools' humor.

Yesterday we missed the chance to tell you that the brilliant and pioneering woman architect Zaha Hadid passed away at 65. "She kicked butt in her field and made beautiful things," observes Suzanne Rust at Family Circle. Checking in again on Wall Street Journal's dogged reportage on the Theranos saga, it turns out their devices often failed accuracy requirements. "'Trade secrets.' Nothing to see here folks. These aren't the machines ... I mean droids you're looking for," quips Andrea Fuller there. Also, in Trumpland, The Donald clears the air with Republican leaders. "The way this describes @realDonaldTrump scolding his aides over weak delegate game reminds me of The Apprentice," realizes Emily Flitter with Reuters. And in a navelly gaze at how the New York Times covers the news, experience the first 12 hours of the Brussels bombings through the eyes of Times reporters. "This breakdown of NYT covering Brussels is the 1st I've seen that gets at the breadth and chaos of covering big news," commends Amy Fiscus at the LA Times, but plenty of others were already gagging at the headline, like BuzzFeed's Tom Chivers: "god, we journalists are a self-regarding bunch, aren't we, assuming you all want to know how we do our jobs."

Question of the day


Our last question asked: A Missouri state "hero" lawmaker is using a resolution to get colleagues to stop making what mistake? That would be saying "physical" when they totally mean "fiscal." Now that's commitment.

Congratulations to Craig Pittman of the Tampa Bay Times for being the very first to get that right! Honorable mentions go out to these terrific tweeters for also answering correctly: Carrie Gray (who admits via hashtag #ThatWouldGetMeMadToo), Maureen MacGregor (who asks "isn't there already a law about that?"), David Daniel (who adds "Just so there's still 'a bathroom on the right'), Debkrol (who demands "why use 2 syllables when 3 sound better, y'all?"), Claudine Laforce (who couldn't resist another Olivia Newton-John reference with "let's get physical, phys-i-cal"), Charlotte LoBuonoMark Gibbs (who punctuates his answer with #wordnazi and #myhero), Ron Casalotti and Temple Williams (who adds "Thanks for including a link to the physical copy of House Resolution No. 1220" ... oh, we see what you did there).

As for today's question, here it is: In honor of today's date, what prank did Gmail just have to scramble to undo after disgruntled users vociferously complained?

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... We’ll announce the winners in the next Daily!

Featured journalist: Susan Dickenson


Here's something that's definitely no joke: our spotlight on Susan Dickenson, Retail Editor with Home Accents Today as well as avid quilter and flyfishing enthusiast! In news, Dickenson covers home furnishings retailers, manufacturers, suppliers, product designers, interior designers and national and international trade shows for the industry's premier trade publication. Before that, Susan spent 15 years in the Washington, D.C. area, writing and researching for trade associations, lobbyists, government projects and, in the private sector, Perot Systems Corp. After relocating to her native North Carolina in 2003, she continued a career as a writer of general interest, business, garden and home items for several local and national publications. Check out her Muck Rack portfolio here to catch some of her work. You can also read about her actual catches at flyfishingmom.com!

Remember: If you also want to be featured, you should 1) set up your own journalist portfolio 2) get verified and 3) let us know by emailing Kirsten.

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