#118 A Pirate in Search of a Judge

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#118 A Pirate in Search of a Judge
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Cayden has been getting dozen's of emails from their internet provider that say "stop pirating TV shows or we'll cut off your internet!" Cayden has no idea what they are talking about. Alex decides to investigate.

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Kaitlin Roberts, Gimlet Senior Producer, says, "As someone who is not an HGTV fan, I recommend World's Most Extraordinary Homes, a Netflix documentary series about incredibly weird and beautiful houses around the world. Each episode is set in a different landscape (mountain, coast, underground, and forest) and shows you these amazing houses. There's one modeled after an ant colony, a house built underground, and a house made from the wings of a Boeing 747. If you are looking for something to watch when you're eating dinner, before you fall asleep, when you're happy, when you're sad—this show fits every mood and it is totally addicting!"
Freelance Producer Elizabeth Kulas says, "This week, a friend shared this video that I'd forgotten about from a few years back. Time has in no way diminished its joy. It's a mini portrait of the hand signals used by the chief of a marble quarry in northern Italy to direct bulldozers in bringing down huge slabs. The sound, the light, the sun-tanned missing fingers... just watch."
Angelina Mosher, the StartUp intern, says, "You don’t have to speak Arabic to appreciate the beauty and power of Souad Massi’s voice. Listening to her now, you would never know that this Algerian Berber singer actually started off performing in a political rock band. I currently am listening to the remix of her song Raui (Storyteller) because it is quintessential evening vibes."
Freelance Producer Khrista RypI would like to recommend the easiest, highest return on investment houseplant there is: the peace plant. She says, "If you're like, 'I'm into plants, but I live somewhere dark and also don't trust myself,' this is the solution you've been looking for. They are one of the few true low light plants — they don't need to be in direct light to be happy. They are also quite forgiving. You can ignore watering them (always better to ignore them — overwatering is the greatest killer of houseplants) until you see their little leaves wilt, then just top them off. ALSO: guess what plants NASA recommends to improve air quality? Yes, peace plants. I have three in my home right now and none of them are near windows and all of them are putting out new growth. You're welcome."
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