It's Opening Day (of World Video Game Hall of Fame voting)!

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It's reportedly one of the best times of the year for sportsball (which is how "Sports" often gets referred to around the Ars Technica Slack). Final Four. Opening Day. The Masters and NBA Playoffs just on the horizon. #Woot. Sadly, sports doesn't come across the Ars radar all that often, meaning we typically miss out on one of the most universal fan conversations...

Is this person a hall-of-famer?

Well, consider this an Ars reader's lucky week. Rochester, New York's great Museum of Play opened a video game-specific Hall of Fame back in 2015 to pay homage to current honorees like The Legend of Zelda, Tetris, Super Mario Bros., or Street Fighter II. And voting for 2018 inductees began this week (running through May 3). The evaluation period gives us true armchair athletes plenty of time to debate the merits of King's Quest versus Metroid versus DDR, for instance. Maybe current titles like PC Building Simulation now have something to aspire, too (and all of us now have something to distract from the Ready Player One adaptation).

Some of our favorite stories about this year's nominees can be found below to help make a case for each game. But truly, there are no wrong answers with this year's nominees. (And chances are all of these candidates will get in before Half-Life 3 even exists, right?)

Orbital Transmission 03.30.2018

Madden continues to innovate today

Go ahead, scoff. This is just some sports sim that gets small tech updates year in and year out, right? Well, when Ars got a chance to catch up with EA recently, they surprised us—Madden has become a leader in accessible sports gaming for blind video game fans.

All Final Fantasy games are good, but VII is *@$%$!!!

Longtime Ars readers may remember an old column called Masterpiece, where staff essentially penned love letters to the truly perfect games that shaped their lives. Final Fantasy VII was one of the first editions (for good reason).

The rise, fall, and rise of Lara Croft

Tiny UK devs Core Design had a vision: "The idea was to create a female character who was a heroine, you know, cool, collected, in control, that sort of thing." Tomb Raider thus took the world by storm, though Eidos marketing had less-than-stellar ideas. The dispute set off a strange behind the scenes journey for one of the best modern franchises.

Can you love a game so much you must steal its sequel?

OK, technically this story centers mostly on Half-Life 2. But gamer Alex Gembe loved the original, groundbreaking Half-Life so much that he... woke up in the small German town of Schönau in Schwarzwald to find his bed surrounded by police officers bearing automatic weapons. Huh?

Attending PAX East by chance?

Follow our Gaming Editor Kyle Orland on Twitter, too? Last year, he noticed that video game Twitter seemed to be having an odd argument—was Super Mario 3D Land a real Mario game, a "core" Mario game? That got Orland thinking... and polling... and eventually writing. Now, he'll share the debate and his findings at PAX East during a panel next Friday, April 6. If you can't be there, at least make sure to look for it on Twitch.

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