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Phew. It's been a busy few weeks around the Ars offices: SXSW in Austin, GDC in San Francisco, an Apple event looming in Chicago on the horizon (and Collision in New Orleans not too long after). The tech events calendar has certainly started to defrost for 2018. So as a new weekend inches closer, we find ourselves appreciating a rare quiet moment. (Heck, maybe we'll play a boatload of Fortnite or Sea of Thieves; evidently we won't be watching F1 after all.)

A Friday news dump may mess up this bit of zen, of course, but for now we're devoting this week's edition of the Orbital Transmission to things similarly taking their time. Rushing a new phone to market in a mere nine months may work out from time to time, for instance, but slow and steady has its place in technology and science, too. 

Orbital Transmission 03.23.2018

Longer updates, but less downtime

You're not hallucinating: the bi-annual Windows updates take forever. Last year's Fall Creators Update involved 51 minutes of offline rebooting time. But Microsoft has a new trick up its sleeve for 2018. The next Windows 10 update will be split into two portions: an "online" portion, during which your PC is still usable, and an "offline" portion after the reboot, during which your PC is a spinning percentage counter.

Portable gaming history comes to your Web browser

The Nintendo Switch, this was not. Back in the days before even the original Gameboy existed, gamers clung tightly to a wide-variety of simplistic, often-times licensed, self-contained LCD games. And now thanks to a tricky bit of emulation from the Internet Archive, today's curious (or nostalgic) players can appreciate the unique artistry of this lovably limited format.

Driverless cars capture loads of data, but investigations still take time

The news was tragic: a crash involving a driverless Uber vehicle resulted in a civilian death. Industry onlookers waited for judgement, knowing full well autonomous cars capture loads of data. Tempe police said one thing, but new evidence says another. The lesson? Even the newest tech shouldn't hurry old fashioned investigations.

A discovery in the 1940s, research continuing today

In 2018, there are 17 FDA-approved forms of female-controlled contraception—men have just two. But the first discovery towards male contraception happened in the 1940s. Many things contributed to this still in-progress delay, but research seems more promising than ever today.

Have a must-read technical writer in your life?

Would that person be interested in a desk around the Ars Orbital HQ? Do they have a defined area of expertise? Because... we're hiring. Ars hopes to find a Senior Writer with at least three years of experience covering a topic of their choosing that'd fit well on site, whether that means drones or biotech, CPU design or operating systems, Linux or robots, AI or bitcoin.

Interested candidates must be eligible to work in the US, able to travel four or five times a year, and comfortable working remotely most of the time. If that sounds like you or someone you know/admire, here's the application. (If you have questions, or general Newsletter 2.0 feedback, don't hesitate to reach out.)

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