How the world's most prolific big wave surfer took a Superfo

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We've partnered with Laird Superfood to provide you with exclusive insights from a founder whose company has recently been listed on the NYSE. Learn how Laird Hamilton went from professional surfer to successful entrepreneur by selling plant-based foods and beverages that improve individual performance!


What is the inspiration behind Laird Superfood?

Maximizing my performance is essential to me. I always experimented with my diet and eventually created a high-fat coffee recipe. This helped me out on the waves; friends and family noticed, and soon I had a business helping them reach their peak performance. This is where our mission's roots come from; the spirit of Aloha (sharing), and Ohana (family). 


Our mantra is Better Food. Better You. and it's our mission to offer high-quality products with plant-based ingredients to help elevate and optimize everyone's daily routine, from morning coffee to afternoon hydration. It has since grown to encompass a wide range of products beyond our Superfood Creamers, including Organic Coffee, Coconut Water, Instant Coffee, Protein, and more.


What advice do you have for entrepreneurs?

Understand your market and build something new or innovative that solves a problem that you have. If you wouldn't buy your product, neither would anyone else. Have grit, and deeply believe in the product! The process of building a company is long and hard. This passion will see you through the tough times.

What is the passion behind your business?

My love of surfing; I always want to be out on the waves. I needed to find something that would help me surf better and longer. I didn't see anything in the market that could improve my energy levels and help me reach my potential. It was also important to create quality plant-based products that do more for you with ingredients that you can pronounce. I don't think you ever get to a point where you're finished growing and evolving as a human. You have to innovate and be flexible; otherwise, you get left behind, and for me, it's a way of life.


The food you eat is essential to how you feel and what you can accomplish. My passion comes from my drive to be the best version of myself. I see food as a way to achieve that, so I took a more in-depth look into what I was consuming and how I could improve. Laird Superfood was the result.


How is the pandemic affecting business?

It is an undeniably challenging time requiring many businesses to pivot and rapidly adjust to unprecedented circumstances. We empathize with each and every business that has been impacted by Covid and realize that it's crucial to embrace flexibility and understand that individual projects may fail, and that's okay. The most important thing is to keep moving forward, adjusting to the circumstances, and making sure everyone involved is safe.


How do you stay optimistic, given the economic outlook?

I am focused on what I can control. Each morning my workout sets me up for a successful day. I choose healthy foods to nourish my body and meditate to feed my soul. Everything comes down to attitude and outlook.


Tell us about your latest product release? 

We recently launched Coffee with Functional Mushrooms, winner of the 2020 Best Plant-based Functional Product Award. For years, I'd been combining functional mushrooms with my morning coffee on my stovetop. This product brings the two together with high altitude Peruvian coffee beans infused with three of my favorite mushrooms, Chaga, Lion's Mane, and Cordyceps. Talk about a combo that supercharges your morning cup!


What is unique about Laird Superfood?

Our commitment to sourcing the best whole food plant-based ingredients possible, Gabby and I are closely involved with the product innovation process.


We only use ingredients that we consume daily. We work tirelessly to perfect our product; that comes across in the taste and feeling you get when you incorporate our products into your daily life. When the bag has my name on it, the product is particularly significant to me.

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How can you give back?

During these uncertain times, it is critical to take care of yourself and maintain a healthy balance while working from home. Remembering to keep a positive mindset and find new ways to stay active are equally important. I feel like Laird Superfood is such a fantastic way to take extra care of your body from the inside out and make sure that you are consuming the only best ingredients each day. This is why we would like to offer readers 25% with code INSIDE25 so that they can get a jumpstart of Black Friday shopping, Click Here and start incorporating superfood into your daily routine! 


*This code is not valid during the Laird Superfood Black Friday sale, 11/27/20-12/2/20 offer expires 12/25/20.
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