Mister Spoils 3.30.18 | Farewell, so long, see you later...

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Good morning from Marrakech, Morocco. What are we doing back in Marrakech? Great question. Can't seem to get enough of this place. It's humid, hot as hell, traffic is a nightmare and the wifi sucks. But here we are, drinking mint tea and gearing up for what can only be described as a hilariously stupid (also, epic) 1400km monkey bike race put on by the fine folks over at The Adventurists. This morning's missions include scrambling to pick up a few last minute supplies and withdrawing enough Dirhams ($$) to sort out any "traffic violations" on the spot. Anyway, more info on the whole thing here

It's going to be an adventure for the books and we're pretty much all hands on deck over here so we'll be taking a few days off from your inbox until Thursday next week. Although a lot could go wrong between now and then. But I'm sure it won't...

See you next week!


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Hope that headline's not too harsh but we're sure it does. Meet DemerBox — the bigger, tougher, sleeve-tattooed, older brother of all other Bluetooth sound systems. Far from precious, this speaker is damn-near indestructible and goes wherever you do, be it airboating through marshlands or snowy cabin retreats. Created by James Demer, a lifelong tinkerer and audio technician, the first DemerBox prototype was born on a film set in Alaska, using a Pelican box housing as a solution to high quality sound that could withstand the rugged elements. Just last year, musician and bonafide badass, Zac Brown, brought his own DemerBox on a spearfishing trip and loved it so much, he bought the company. Four colors available below.

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Most restaurant dishes are bound to be forgotten. Delicious, sure, but still consumed in a fleeting moment of hunger and then lost in the parade of unremarkable meals to follow. Sometimes a meal is memorable enough that you crave it long after the plates are cleared. But it's the rare dish that truly changes the way Americans eat for generations to come. How did we find the 101 dishes that broke the restaurant mold and forever changed the flavor of America? We looked for dishes that have been endlessly adopted or outright copycatted on other menus, kicked off a lasting trend, or became staples that still define the way we eat today in 2018.
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