Bomb School Wasn’t for Lulu, but the CIA Wishes Her the Best


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Maybe it was her shiny coat that made Lulu’s story ricochet around the internet. Maybe it was her soft brown eyes. Or maybe her story just sounds familiar to any American who has experienced workplace ennui: She underwent rigorous training for a daily grind job and decided that sniffing out bombs was not her calling. (And who actually wants that job, anyway?)

Since yesterday's Read This Thing was cat-themed, we felt it only fair to give equal time to dogs today. Introducing Lulu, the black Labrador who flunked out of bomb-sniffing school at the CIA. She captured hearts on the internet when the agency tweeted her backstory (along with photos of her and her big brown eyes).

Confirmed: Lulu is still a very good girl. 

Read: Bomb School Wasn’t for Lulu, but the C.I.A. Wishes Her the Best

Bomb School Wasn’t for Lulu, but the CIA Wishes Her the Best
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